Media Release

Spring Creek Mine update

7 September 2012

Solid Energy says that Spring Creek Mine management is working with representatives of its workforce, including the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU), to make a recommendation on a process for underground development work to resume at the site.

The company suspended operations at the mine last Wednesday, announcing that the future of the mine was under review.

Solid Energy Chief Executive Officer, Dr Don Elder, said that he had had a number of very constructive meetings in Greymouth yesterday with workforce representatives, including mine management and union representatives.

"The very clear message I got was that people were very keen to come back to work and I agreed that I would support a recommendation to do this, provided it could be demonstrated that it can be done safely."

Local mine management and workers, including union representatives, are working together to make a recommendation to Solid Energy's Group Manager Coal Operations, Larry Hull, for a return to underground work at the mine.

Dr Elder said that this work was being undertaken now and that he expected to have Mr Hull's recommendation early next week. The company would communicate directly with its staff as to when a return to work might be possible. In the meantime, the company was continuing its review of the future of the mine.